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Junichiro Takamatsu

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For exhibition of Junichiro Takamatsu
Sumio Kuwabara
Exhibition brochure of Aoki Gallery 1984

It is impossible to explain Mr. Junichiro Takamatsu’s images with words.
Even if I try to brace his vision with words,
it may become just conventional explanation and the words still fail
if I compared his paintings to cryptogam or spectacles of coral reef.
I believed so for a long time.

When we talked about his process of painting, Mr. Takamatsu once told me “Images just reveal itself”.
He said he could see images appearing on the canvas during the processes of sanding the canvas very carefully to make a smooth surface,
then rub colours into the canvas with his finger.
Mr. Takamatsu’s inner view spread out as specks of colours spread in his picture.

Specks and inner vision merge together and inner vision burst physical dimension of specks and metamorphose into Meta Dimension.
I was interested in these processes. What will appear?

I wrote “Metaphysical Dimension”, I meant “unearthly”.
In brief, Mr. Takamatsu’s image is his inner vision wrapped in a faint light of super-mundane.
It is the world of transient and transparent bio-mythological story.

May be Mr. Takamatsu’s methodology is to descend to prenatal landscape,
using hypothesized Color-specks field to the outside world as a medium.
Probably it is an experiment to return itself into the territory of apriori which is the roots of all.

If entelechies is intended here, he is challenging 20th century’s huge-proposition which is entering the depth of chaotic life.

We can see Mr. Takamatsu’s emotional depths again this year.
The monad scenery that can only be expressed through Arts is extremely graceful and mysterious.